Instrument Upgrades

If you have ever played a video game, you understand the importance of “leveling up”. It takes the right tools to perform your best. Music is no different – great equipment can make your job as a musician easier and more efficient. While equipment doesn’t make the player – you still have to learn how to play! – it does help you along the journey.

Why do I need a new mouthpiece, ligature, or fancy reeds? All sound on a wind instrument is created by a vibration. This vibration occurs between:

  • the lips and the mouthpiece on a brass instrument
  • the reed and mouthpiece on a clarinet or saxophone
  • the air and tone hole on a flute headjoint
  • the two reeds on a double reed instrument

The closer the equipment is located to the point of vibration, the more important it is for the production of a characteristic, authentic sound. By this advice, in order to facilitate a better sound, it is most important for students to upgrade the mouthpiece, reeds, and/or ligature to gain greater control over their tone.

Mr. Payne can recommend a “setup” for each student. This will happen during band camp. Families may have the funds to purchase these necessary items immediately, or it may be something where these items could be given as birthday/holiday presents throughout the year, or in exchange for chores and good behavior (parents – tryin’ to help you out here…).

Once students have upgraded their setup, the next consideration is to upgrade from a student instrument to an intermediate or professional instrument. Available from our good friends at Hurst Music, Willis Music, Don Wilson Music, and various online REPUTABLE online music retailers, these step up instruments are the ULTIMATE way to get your student a leg up on their journey toward musical excellence. Who doesn’t want to be excellent?

Before you go shopping for instruments, always consult Mr. Payne. He will help you secure the best deal and help with the selection process.