The Band program at Bryan Station High School has a proud tradition of representing our school in community, city, state, and national events.

Our band program is set up as a co-curricular program, meaning:

  • Band is considered to be an academic, graded class as part of the school day. Weighted credit is awarded as well.
  • Band also includes, and requires, after school commitments such as rehearsals, concerts, and parades.

At Bryan Station, our band program is designed to allow students to participate in other school activities, including athletics, drama, academic team, student government, and other extra-curricular options. This is only possible through communication between band directors, coaches, activity sponsors, and families.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is marching band required?

A: There are two aspects of our marching band program: Parade performances and football games.

  • Performances in parades are required for all band members, unless conflicts have been worked out between a band director and coach. We typically participate in the Lexington Roots and Heritage Parade, BSHS Homecoming Parade, and the Lexington Christmas Parade. All marching technique is learned during the school day, meaning there is no need for additional rehearsals.
  • Football band is open to all band members. Participation is highly encouraged and is one of the best parts of our program. It is not required.

Q: Do I have to attend band camp?

A: This year, band camp has been cancelled due to COVID-19. In future years, band camp will be divided into two parts: Concert Band Camp and Football Band Camp. All students are required to participate in concert band camp. Football Band Camp is required for students participating in that activity.

Q: How much money does it cost to be in band?

A: There are several expenses that we ask families to cover. They include:

  • Class fee – $25 (Per band class)
    • Covers required band method books and sheet music rental
  • Instrument Rental Fee – $25 per semester
    • Required for anyone who needs a school instrument, including percussion
  • Uniform Fee – $50
    • Students will receive a T-Shirt, baseball hat, and a polo shirt
  • Optional Fees: Honor Band Auditions and Participation, Band Jacket, Spirit Wear
  • Students will NOT need band shoes this year.

Q: Why are Bryan Station’s Band fees so low?

A: We want all students who wish to play an instrument at Bryan Station to be in our program. Our mission is student and family centered – we simply choose to do things a little differently. Please consider upgrading your student’s instrument to a more advanced model or enrolling your student in private lessons with money saved on band fees. This will advance your student further and make our overall program better!

Q: Does the Bryan Station Marching Band participate in band contests?

A: Our bands at Bryan Station are focused on producing the highest quality pre-collegiate musical experience and the best entertainment for our athletic event performances. We also promote student participation in athletics and other school activities. We do not compete in band contests.

That said, our students will absolutely compete for All District, All State, and other individual honors band opportunities. We also compete for invitations to prestigious festivals, conferences, and parades. We will always compete to be our very best at everything we do.