Drumline Carrier Donation Drive

BSHS Friends, Parents, and Alumni – We need your help!

Our Yamaha drumline, purchased used in 2008, is nearing the end of its useful life. Many of the drums are cracked and warped. We are working with our awesome BSHS administration to purchase new drums in the near future, however we need to replace the carriers as well.

Anyone who has ever marched a drum understands how heavy they are. We are asking you to help us lighten our students’ load by sponsoring a new drum carrier! The carriers are $300 each and have many features our current carriers do not have – the new ones are much more ergonomic and should reduce stress and tension on our students as they proudly perform on behalf of our BSHS community.

We march one of the largest drumlines in the STATE. We are looking to purchase 7 snare carriers, 4 tenor carriers, and 5 bass carriers. 16 carriers in total means we are looking to raise almost $5,000.

If you would like to make a donation, please use the online donation tools below, or mail a check to our PO BOX. You can also drop your check by the band hall to Mr. Payne.


Bryan Station Band Association
PO BOX 55734
Lexington, KY 40555

Online Donation Option:

Drum Carrier – Full Amount

Sponsor the entire cost of a drum carrier! Thank You!


Drum Carrier – Partial Amount

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